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Looking for some ideas about architecture, exterior and interior designs, has so many ideas to learn. From some styles developed recently, this web pay more attention to the modern or contemporary style concerns. However, there are also some inspiring ideas and photos presenting how the classic elements are modernized and pure traditional items are maintained. Of course, it is to give easy-to-do tips for creating eye-catching yet trendy appearance. Here, they are possible!

The authors such as Raya Enogia Strashilova, Sandra Govintya Travassos, Nikol Evenia Bacheva, Neve Erdona Bleyck, Molly Leidya Lundqvist, etc. through this blog are describing their brilliant ideas about how the rooms inside home or certain building should be furnished and decorated. Some other authors such as Sylwia Rennia Rzepka, Noemi Ravica Amador, Sofie Ernian Meintjies, Silke Evina Bolsens, etc. also provide the ideas to arrange the rooms based on easy-flow and excellent connectivity concepts for an effective use.

Many other authors talk deeply about some types of houses meeting various needs. Some of them are for small family with two kids and some others are for the bigger one. There are also some ideas of creating minimalist apartment and study with stunning interior, of course. With these inspirations, living in a crowded city, we will still enjoy our life with comfortable, quiet yet tranquil ambiance. We can also compare them with some vacation homes, home retreats and some countryside homes. At the end, we will find all of them serving us better.

For the bonus, some hotel and resorts designs are also discussed here. From them, we can dig some ideas of creating extravagant exterior and interior out. We can also create a restaurant-sense dining which let us having cozy dining and priding entertaining. The idea of taking advantages of the environment and outside view is currently popular, indeed. Some hotels and resorts do understand how to serve the occupants with the eye-catching views. Then, what if the ideas are applied in our homes?


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